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Swiss Cold Training Association

All the information you need about winter swimming, ice swimming and cold exposure in Switzerland is here. Join us and become a member now!

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SCTA is looking for a new president

Do you enjoy helping others to live healthier lives and like the cold? Then become president of the SCTA and build something unique in Switzerland. We are a young association with the mission to make cold training safe and available in Switzerland. Why is that? Because we are convinced that cold is good for you and can reduce the ever-increasing health costs. Now is the time to expand our training program, train new instructors and establish norms and standards.

We are looking for a visionary leader who can translate a passion for health and cold into practical and innovative programs. If you want to build something unique and are passionate about health and cold therapy, then apply to join us and actively shape the future of cold training!

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Zurich: Badi Utoquai

Attention, winter enthusiasts! This November through March, Zurich's stunning Badi Utoquai transforms again into a members-only winter pool oasis. Access to the Badi comes free with the membership. Become an ice-cold member now and swim your first winter in the most beautiful Badi of Zurich!

Opening hours:

04 November 2023 - 31 March 2024

Saturdays and Sundays

11 am - 2 pm

Dr. Walter Kistler medical expert Davos Health for Swiss Cold Training Association

Medicine @ SCTA

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Dr. med Walter Kistler as a medical expert in our association. Walter is the head and chief physician of Davos Sports & Health at Davos Hospital, as well as the association physician at the best ice hockey club in Switzerland. We are very happy about his decision to enrich the Swiss Cold Training Association with his medical knowledge. This brings us a bit closer to our goal of bringing more science into the field of cold training.

Cold-Hike organised by SCTA

Become a member

Join our great community now and experience a wonderful winter full of cool adventures. Experience the benefits of cold training first hand and learn about the risks from prominent scientists. Premium members get free access to the Badi Utoquai for safely practicing winter swimming and a host of additional benefits. They are invited to special events all over Switzerland. Meet people who also like to challenge themselves and are ready for a cold dip, a swim or a snow hike. Join the SCTA for events, training and research for those who love the cold.

Upcoming Events

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