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Badi Utoquai

After a triumphant inaugural winter at Badi Utoquai in 2022-23, we're gearing up for another icy splash this season! Once more, Zurich’s stunning Badi Utoquai transforms again this November through March into a members-only winter pool oasis. Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm.
Last season, our foremost commitment to safety ensured a season without accidents, thanks to constant vigilance from lifeguards and cold-water training experts. From unique activities like Cold Yoga to special events like the Samichlaus Swim, we offered an all-rounded cold swimming experience coupled with warming physical exercises.
Access to the Badi comes free with the membership. Become an ice-cold member now and swim your upcoming winter in the most beautiful Badi of Zurich!

Regeln fürs kaltbaden in der Badi Utoquai-website.jpg
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