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To enjoy all the benefits of cold training we as an organization offer, sign up and become a member today!

Premium membership
As a premium member, you benefit from a great community of cold enthusiasts, from events and information such as webinars and an ebook on cold training. Premium members get invited to exclusive member-only events and can attend public events for free or at a discounted price all over Switzerland to enjoy cold training with likeminded people.

In summary
Premium membership for 100 CHF a year: This includes free entrance to the Badi Utoquai on weekends during the winter season + 1 year premium SCTA membership + free or discounted participation in events organized by the SCTA, webinars and information about scientific findings about cold exposure and training.

Please read our statutes before signing up.

Choose the membership that is right for you:

  • Best Value

    Premium Membership

    Every year
    Alle Vorteile der SCTA & freier Eintritt ins Bad Utoquai
    • 1 Jahr Premium Mitgliedschaft
    • Freier Eintritt in die Badi Utoquai (bis März 2023)
    • E-Book zum sicheren Kältetraining
    • Webinar-Einladungen zu wissensch. Erkenntnissen
    • Du wirst Teil unserer Gemeinschaft
    • Nimm an Forschungsstudien Teil
    • Bleibe auf dem Laufenden zum Thema Kältetraining
    • Freie oder vergünstigte Teilnahme an unseren Events

This membership will automatically renew every year unless you cancel the subscription.

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