What We Do

Our main goal is lowering the health costs in Switzerland by promoting training with the cold. This comprises not only telling others about the sport but also connecting organizations with practicitioners, assisting in scientific studies, running charity events, educating our members and much more.


We promote cold training through various channels.

We operate online platforms which help promote cold training. This helps build a stronger community.


We help share the knowhow within the trainer space.

We facilitate knowhow sharing amongst our members on various aspects such as safety, locations, workshop information and more.  


We intend to partner up with organizations.

Our ambition is to collaborate with small and large Swiss health leagues, health insurers and other associations to spread the message.


We support and run charitable events to promote cold training.

Helping and receiving help is our credo. We believe in giving.



Find Cold Spots

We have created a map overview which shows suitable places for cold training in Switzerland but also worldwide. So beginners or travelers can quickly find out where they can do their cold training. And if you'd like to try out a new location, you'll find what you're looking for here.

Eskimo Fitness

We are setting up an online platform where interested people can find activities around cold training in Switzerland.

Facebook Community

We host the largest Facebook community around cold training in Switzerland. Interested people can interact and exchange with one another. Join us today and exchange with others!



Our online knowledge database by and for our members helps you stay up-to-date. Once you become an active member of our association, you will automatically receive access to it.



Are you part of an organization with an interest in providing health improvement through self-empowerment? Then please get in touch with us.

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Swiss Ice Challenge

The Swiss Ice Challenge is an annual event taking place in Laax, Switzerland. A group of over 100 people hikes up the hill in shorts from Crap Sion Gion to Crap Masegn. The event kicked off in 2019 with the goal to raise money and awareness for topics around self-leadership. In the first event, over 400'000 CHF were raised and donated to two charitable organizations (see www.herzsprung.ch and www.depressionen.ch).


SCTA is the main cooperation partner for preparing participants and ensuring a safe and fun event with the cold.

Event in Neuchatel

Ready to climb? in Summer, yes. But in winter, by 0°C in shorts? Let's do it! A special event that will take place in 2020.

Preparation for the Samichlaus-Schwimmen

SCTA members provide a preparatory workshop for the participants in the annual Samichlaus-Schwimmen event in Zurich. The main goal is to ensure that the participants have a safe and enjoyable time in the cold water.


From our network

We manage a common calendar that shows all events of our SCTA members