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What we do

We do events, training and research for all who love the cold! We believe in the positive health effects of cold exposure and are – at the same time – aware of its risks. Therefore, we view ourselves as educators, experts, communicators, and community builders in the field of cold exposure.

We are method agnostic and welcome friends of all practices, such as the Wim Hof Method, Eskimo Fitness, cold Yoga, Kneipp, Ice Swimming, and Winter Swimming.

We offer our members supervised training in a safe environment - such as the Badi Utoquai in Zürich. We also organize meet-ups, events, training sessions, and provide information on all aspects of cold training – from physiological reactions to mental focus and breathing techniques. We have researchers, trainers, ice swimming champions and other specialists on our team who can provide expert insights and knowledge. We train and certify practitioners to ensure that safety standards are met and that their customers enjoy a high quality experience.
Further, we connect medical practitioners, health insurers, researchers, and cold training practitioners to create a holistic coalition that advances and promotes cold training. As an association, we support ongoing scientific research about the impacts of cold training on the human body and health. We do so to ensure that our customers benefit from the latest insights and get the best experience possible.

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